Take a look to my last photoshoot in Hermosa Beach. 

A quick early morning shoot with one of my favorites photographers in California. Wearing denim, white and lace outfits with beach vibes.



Hi guys, I hope you are doing well and having a nice weekend! In today’s post, I want to show you some pictures that I took in the famous «Poppy Fields». You might have seen some pictures on many Instagram bloggers profiles and wonder what were they took and wanted to plan a trip there but no clue where this famous location it is. Well, you are lucky because I got the answer! After a few minutes of research, I found out that this wonderful place its called «Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve» and is located in Lancaster, CA. We drove an hour and a half from Los Angeles to get to that incredible field, and the road is more than worthy. You can appreciate all the nature, mountains and ranches while you drive there. It’s really beautiful and calm.

Once you get to the fields there are different roads that don’t appear on the GPS but you can drive safely, explore and stop wherever you prefer. There are some hills that I recommend you to go to see the sunset, the views with that light are breathtaking. You just need to grab your camera, some snacks, a towel to lay down on the field, and a jacket (it’s kind of windy there so you can feel cold after the sunlight is gone). I hope you like the pictures that we took! You can follow me on Instagram @sarasanchezss to see all my posts!

Photos by Josh Christopher


Hi there! Dreaming with the summer season and all the outfits and swimwear that I want to wear. On this post I want to show you Dresslily summer must-have, these pieces are the only ones that you need during this swimsuit season.

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How is the week going so far? Mine its pretty busy! We’ve been attending a lot of events lately and now we are at home packing for our next adventure! Stay tuned to my Instagram to watch my stories and post to discover where are we heading to tomorrow!

I didnt want to leave without sharing with you this amazing event from GUESS! The «Guess Holiday Party». It was really amazing and we had so much fun! As a part of the Guess family, we are super happy and glad that we have the opportunity to represent this amazing young brand and wear the stunning looks that they create. All the events that they invite us are very cool and fun, and the last one was totally fancy and Xmas Holiday vibes! We both wore outfits from Guess and Marciano, the designs are amazing and the quality couldn’t be better. I hope you like the pics!


Good morning guys! Today I want to share with you one of my favorites photo shoots that I have done in my life! Since I moved to California I always found taught to create great content at the beginning because I didn’t know a lot of people working in my area but when I knew that a photographer that I knew from long time ago was living in California we couldn’t wait to organize a little fun photoshoot around Hermosa Beach.

I like working with this photographer because he uses natural light and the results are amazing! Take a look at the content that we created together! I hope you like it!


Hi guys! Last week Pablo and I went to Maui, Hawaii and we had a great time together! This island its the perfect getaway to relax as a couple and do different kind of adventures like Parasailing, snorkeling, trekking and more.

We stayed at Kaanapali Beach, it’s a really nice area and the water on the beach is transparent blue and very clean. All the beaches in Hawaii are public but this one wasn’t crowded. On the beach walk are located a lot of seafood restaurants with delicious dishes to enjoy during the whole day, some of them offer live music and the views that they have are amazing!

Stay tuned to see my upcoming posts where I will talk deeply about our experience and all the tips that you should know to prepare your trip.

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